previous or utopian projects

“Les Halles” is a site-specific installation created for Les Halles1, an art institution located in Porrentruy, Switzerland. The exhibition hall features a constellation of four metal pillars filled with concrete positioned in the center of the unique exhibition space. To showcase the space, its volume, and its circulation, ten inflatable pillars have been strategically placed, acting as performers.

The installation comprises four elements: “Les Halles (Les Piliers)” focuses on the original metal pillars, “Les Halles (Les Mouches)” centers on the windows, “Les Halles (Evelyne)” is a work related to a specific person named Evelyne, and “Les Halles (Les Toilettes)” explores the theme of toilets within the context of the exhibition.

Each element of the intervention contributes to the overall experience, offering diverse perspectives and engaging with different aspects of the space.

1 Specific works for Solitaires (in duo with Nico Müller) at Les Halles, Porrentruy, 2022.